Operation Round Up® is Coleman County Electric Cooperative’s community service assistance program. It is a volunteer program in which members agree to have their utility bill “rounded up” to the next whole dollar. The concept is to extend the principle on which electric cooperatives were built over 80 years ago – neighbor helping neighbor, and to follow one of the core principles, commitment to community. “Small change that changes lives” is the foundation upon which Operation Round Up is built. The resulting funds raised from our members' generous donations are put into a special account used to assist local individuals and nonprofit organizations across our service area with crucial needs.

Recipients of the Operation Round Up funds are chosen by our Board of Directors. The Board can make donations to any worthwhile community cause, with the exception that no Operation Round Up funds can be used for political purposes or to pay electric bills. The current mission statement of the CCEC Round-Up program allows for donations to be made for food, clothing, shelter, equipment, and medical needs. Donations may be made to any organization within the service area of CCEC individual donations can be made to current members only. Donations are limited to $1,000 per individual or $2,500 for an organization in any one year. CCEC may, at the discretion of the Board, increase the amount of a donation to an organization up to, but not exceed $5,000.

Applications are designated for either an individual or an organization in need. The proper form must be completed and mailed to the following address: Coleman County Electric Cooperative, Inc. ATTN: Becca O’Leary PO Box 860 Coleman, Texas 76834