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TWN Wi-Power High Speed Internet Coming to Your Area Soon! 

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"Watts" Going On at CCEC...


Winners of the 2017 Youth Tour to Washington, D.C.

Congratulations to Shelbi Stephenson and Grace Bryan on winning an all-expense paid trip on the 2017 Government-In-Action Youth Tour to Washington, D.C. in June. Shelbi Stephenson is in 11th grade of Coleman High School and is the daughter of Jerry & Angelita Stephenson. Grace Bryan is in 12th grade of Winters High School and is the daughter of Douglas & Deborah Bryan. In case one of these students are not able to make the trip, a runner-up, Cheyenne Collier, a Senior at Ballinger High, was selected. We would like to personally thank all the students who participated in this contest. It was a great group of students and we hope that everyone that can re-apply next year will take another shot at this amazing opportunity!

Shelbi Stephenson & Grace Bryan


How Energy Efficient are you?

How would you like to play a game to find out how energy efficient you are? Touchstone Energy offers a game for you to play to see just that, plus

give you tips along the way on how to save money and how to improve your homes energy efficiency! Click here to try it out! 


Don't Miss These Scholarship Opportunities

If you are a high school graduate of 2017 and are enrolled in a college, technical school, or university as a freshman, you may be eligible for CCEC’s scholarship. Application deadline for submission is June 30th, 2017

Click here for the PDF scholarship application.


Updated Pricing Pans for TWN

TWN has new and improved internet pricing plans that can be bundled with phone to match with your digital needs. Currently, the only areas that are up and running are Lake Coleman, Miles, Lawn, Novice, Ballinger & Talpa. Make sure you keep an eye out for more updates from CCEC on when more cites will becoming live in the near future! For more information, please visit



Energy Efficiency Displays

We have a great display of modules in our front office, that gives you a hands on learning experience on what you can do to help save money on your electric bill.

  • Lighting Comparison - See how much energy different light bulbs really use
  • Insulation Comparison - Learn about different insulation R-Value and air penetration properties 
  • Wall Section - Dynamically observe proper and improper methods of sealing against infiltration



Home Efficiency Analysis Tool

We know saving energy often means saving money, but did you know that having an energy efficient home can help even more? Making energy efficiency improvements is easy, too! Tell us a bit about your home and we'll give you quick tips and fixes, designed around your space, to help you cut down on your energy costs. Visit to utilize this great tool from Touchstone Energy! 



Early Retirements of Patronage Capital Belonging to Estates
The retirement of patronage capital is an essential part of operating on a cooperative basis.  Coleman County Electric Cooperative is offering early retirements of patronage capital belonging to estates of deceased members as long as the financial condition of CCEC is not impaired. Since such retirements will occur prior to when patronage capital would generally be retired, early retirements will be on a discounted basis. 

If you are interested in the procedures for early discounted retirements for a deceased member, please contact the office at (800)560-2128 or (325)625-2128 between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm. We can estimate the discounted retirement amount due and send you a list of documents needed to close the patronage account.


Savings At Your Finger Tips
The Touchstone Energy Together We Save app is a tool designed to cut your costs and better connect you to your cooperative. With its easy navigation and customizable features, this free app is a staple to the informed member/consumer.     



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