National Co-Op Month

When you think of October, pumpkins, Halloween and beautiful fall foliage naturally come to mind. But October is notable for another reason – it’s National Co-op Month! This is the time of year when cooperatives across the country, including Coleman County Electric Cooperative, celebrate who we are and more importantly, the members we serve.   

Change Habits to Beat the Heat

As warmer weather sets in, our thoughts on keeping the house comfortable switch from heating to cooling. But as temperatures rise and air conditioners are switched on, looking for ways to improve energy efficiency at home can help you and CCEC reduce demand, saving energy and money.

Making small adjustments in when, where and how you use electricity won’t only help control your energy costs, but it can also help keep temperatures in your home more pleasant on sultry days.

Housework hiatus

2019 Annual Meeting

Another successful Annual Meeting is in the books! We congratulate directors Roger Kruse & Darla Wise on their wins. Members can be rest assured that they have elected knowledgeable and dedicated representatives to serve their community and cooperative. 

Election Results

A congratulation is in order to Roger Kruse and Darla Wise on their re-election to the Board of Directors.

They represent our Co-Op greatly and we look forward to working with them another 3 years! 


Capital Credit Allocations

Capital credits were recently allocated to the accounts of Coleman County Electric Cooperative members for 2018.

After the end of each fiscal year, cooperatives must determine what, if any, margins were made during the year and allocate them to members’ accounts. Your cooperative’s margin is any money left after all operating costs have been paid for the year. Because members are also owners of the cooperative, that money is returned to their accounts.

Lindi's Retirement Party

We would like to thank everyone who took time out of their day to stop by and congratulate our dear friend and beloved employee, Lindi Armstrong, on her Retirement. She has been a great Customer Service / Cashier through the last 19 years here at Coleman County Electric Cooperative. We truly appreciate and will highly miss all her unconditional dedication, caring heart and her desserts (she makes the best of it all).