TWN: Frequently Asked Questions

TWN: Frequently Asked Questions

What areas are currently available?
Lake Coleman, Ballinger, Novice, Lawn, Talpa, Miles, and Coleman are the current areas that are available... more soon to come!!

What is TWN?
TransWorld Network, Corp. (TWN) is a communications company that works in partnership with rural electric cooperatives to provide high speed Internet to co-op members and those in surrounding areas. TWN currently works with Lighthouse, Lyntegar, North Plains, Big Country and Greenbelt Electric Cooperatives to provide this service to customers with great success.

What is Coleman County Electric Cooperative’s relationship with TWN?
CCEC sought to partner with TWN to provide our customers with a reliable option for Wi-Power high speed Internet and digital phone service.

At CCEC, we know our business is electricity, and we will leave everything Internet-related to the professionals at TWN. All inquiries regarding any aspect of the services TWN provides including, but not limited to, billing, promotions, service quality, installation, maintenance, service area, and recommended packages should be directed to TWN. To contact TWN’s customer service, call 1(800)660-7400 or email

What is Wi-Power high speed internet?
Wi-Power High-Speed Internet is the next generation of Internet connectivity. Wi-Power Internet uses state of the art synchronized transmissions to address the unique challenges of rural communities. Customers enjoy the security of a dedicated high-speed connection that is both affordable and reliable.

What is Wi-Power Digital Phone service?
Wi-Power Digital Phone Service uses your existing Wi-Power High-Speed Internet connection, instead of standard phone lines, to make and receive calls. With Wi-Power Digital Phone, you receive competitive rates for both local and long distance calling.

At a glance, what is the range for internet pricing?
Internet plans will start at $43.95 per month for a plan that offers speeds up to 2 Mbps. The fastest residential plan will be $99.95 per month and will provide speeds up to 10 Mbps to allow adequate bandwidth for streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

When are services expected to be available and to whom?
We anticipate that services will be available in select areas beginning early 2017. Continued site acquisition and building will continue as long as there is a demand.

Is it a requirement to be a CCEC member to be a TWN customer?
No, it is not a requirement to be a CCEC member to benefit from the services provided by TWN.

How can I contact TWN?
To contact TWN’s customer service, call 1(800)660-7400 or email Also, find out more information at on their website at