Rural Friends

Rural Friends

Our electric industry is heavily regulated through state and federal laws, rules and regulations. How those laws, rules and regulations are written determines the fate of all industry participants, particularly smaller locally-owned co-ops. Our survival depends on fair laws, rules and regulations that take into account the unique features of electric co-ops and the people and communities we serve.

Rural Friends/ACRE was formed with the mission of making the voice of electric co-op consumers heard in the Texas Legislature and U.S. Congress. Rural Friends of Electric Cooperatives is the nonpartisan political action committee that supports candidates seeking election to the Texas Legislature. ACRE—the Action Committee for Rural Electrification—supports candidates for the U.S. Congress. Rural Friends and ACRE are subject to all state and federal campaign finance laws and reporting requirements.

Contributions go to candidates for state and federal office who have a strong commitment to good government, demonstrate support for electric co-ops and our consumer-members and share our values. Support is based on voting records on legislation affecting electric co-ops, statements on co-op issues, and historical stances on those issues. 






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