Rolling Outages Could Be Possible

Rolling Outages Could Be Possible

Rotating outages could be possible due to extreme cold weather throughout the state over the next few days. The Electricity Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) is predicting record-breaking winter electricity demand that may cause tight grid conditions. If any electricity generating units trip offline, grid conditions could get tight enough to require rotating outages. CCEC encourages members to reduce energy consumption when possible to avoid causing stress on the electric grid. 

• Turn your thermostat down 2-3 degrees in colder weather. recommends 68 degrees.

• Open blinds and curtains to provide warmth from sunlight during the day.

• Turn off non-essential lights and appliances. 

• Use larger appliances such as your washer/dryer and oven as little as possible. 

Rotating outages are a last resort measure to protect the grid. If ERCOT calls on utilities to implement these outages, CCEC has to comply. Please keep in mind that these outages are just temporary - typically 10 to 45 minutes - before rotating to a different area. More importantly, they could help prevent a larger and much longer statewide blackout. We encourage our members to take the necessary precautions and plan ahead to be ready in the event outages do occur.

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