New Metering System

New Metering System

CCEC is investing in new, automated meters to improve the efficiency and reliability of our electric system. We will be replacing all 8,700+ meters on our system for numerous benefits that will help us:

Save money by eliminating the labor and transportation costs of in-person meter readings

  • Improve billing accuracy, eliminating misreads or inaccurate readings
  • Improve electric service reliability and power quality—fewer outages, blink and surges
  • Help secure the overall safety of the cooperative employee team
  • Help pinpoint the exact location of outages more quickly, meaning a faster response time

These meters will be transmitting information to our headquarters office in 15 minute intervals, by radio frequency telecommunication (just like cellphones, laptops, Wi-Fi- wireless router, etc.).  

Installation for these new automated meters started around the beginning of April 2017. We have started in the Novice area, will proceed to Coleman and expand from there. We plan on having every meter replaced by the end of 2018. You will need to reset your electronic devices after the new meter is installed because of the loss of power for a few minutes. If you can please update the office with any new/updated information regarding us entering the location to get these meters changed out (i.e. gate combinations, bad dogs), we would highly appreciate it.   

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 325-625-2128.

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