Coming Soon... Operation Roundup!

Coming Soon... Operation Roundup!


It started as a simple idea 27 years ago at one co-op in South Carolina. Just round up the co-op member’s electric bill to the next dollar, and then use it to do good work in your community. Today, hundreds of electric co-ops throughout the country use this idea to help members and organizations close to home. Coleman County Electric Cooperative has decided to join in on this movement.

All co-ops adhere to the seven cooperative principles, including “Concern for Community.” The Operation Roundup program is the perfect embodiment of this core principle. The average co-op member donates $6 with a maximum possible contribution of $11.88 per year. This may not seem like a large amount, but when combined with more than 4,600 members, it adds up to make a significant impact.

Once the Operation Round Up is implemented, every member will automatically be enrolled. The program is always voluntary, and at any time, members can change their minds about participating and should notify CCEC to stop rounding up their bill to the next dollar. Once folks see the good work the program does in their community, they almost always keep contributing.

Over the years, millions of dollars have been collected and distributed for a wide range of activities.  This can include helping a family in need after a house fire. Assisting the local food pantry. Providing funds so that the local fire department can get a needed piece of equipment. Or dozens of other humanitarian efforts that bring electric co-ops even closer to the communities we serve.

While each co-op must respond to the needs of its members, one of the great attributes of co-ops across the country – and the world – is their willingness to share information about the programs that have been successful. Operation Roundup is a perfect example of that cooperative spirit.

Coleman County Electric Cooperative is pleased to join Operation Roundup very soon and welcome your participation. Please share with us additional activities we should explore to serve you and your neighbors. Please contact your Co-Op at 325-625-2128 with any questions!

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